10 Types of Content and How to Use Them

“Compelling content” is a buzz word often used by marketers who use digital and inbound marketing tactics as their primary tool for lead generation. And creating that content is the first step in making your inbound strategy. But what exactly is considered good content, and what characteristics make it compelling to your consumers?

Below is a list comprised of the top ten content types, and how we use them for effective social media and content marketing campaigns. Since most people already know how to use blogs as a form of content, this list focuses on less common but equally effective strategies and content types. You don’t have to use all of them but should include a mix of content mediums in your inbound strategy.


If you aren’t using video on your website and social profiles, you need to start today. Almost 70% of online traffic is consumed by video content. Social media promotes and makes it easy for you to record live videos and share them online from your smartphone. Your business should also maintain a Youtube channel to promote informational and sales promo videos.


When presenting important information to your customers, you want to make it as quick and painless as possible. Most people will scan your content looking for the highlights or most valuable information, but with an infographic, they get all the information they need without having to search for it. Plus, they are more visually appealing and require less of a time commitment to the reader than watching a video.


Podcasts have great marketing potential because of how versatile they are, for both you and your listeners. Followers of your podcast might listen on their way to work, while they’re doing household chores, or in place of their morning newspaper time. They can download your podcasts and listen to them whenever they choose. Inviting other leaders in your industry as guest speakers can also grow your network and increase listeners on special shows.

User Generated Content

Encouraging website visitors and followers of your social profiles to comment, review, respond, or submit content is an unquestionably powerful tactic in your digital marketing strategy. When other visitors see positive comments and reviews about your brand, they are more likely to trust you, engage with your content, and eventually become a customer. User-generated content can also help boost your organic online traffic.

GIFs and Memes

GIFs and memes are funny or ironic photos that people are most likely to share on social media over other forms of content.  You can make GIFs and memes about your industry, pop culture trends, or anything you think is relatable to your consumers. Depending on your target audience, you can make your memes and GIFs as creative and comical as you want!


Online quizzes are interactive and highly engaging, making them a great option to add to your content mix. Personality quizzes and trivia are popular on social media, but you can also use more in-depth quizzes for B2B content as well. Quizzes keep your site visitor engaged longer than other types of content, and you can prompt them to read more or follow you on social channels afterward.

Resource Articles/White Papers

Sometimes people need more in-depth or technical knowledge about a topic or issue, especially for significant investments or niche products and services. These consumers (often B2B clients) will gain tremendously from resource articles and white papers on new trends and developments within your company or industry. You can establish yourself as a quality source of research and opinion for consumers to make informed decisions.

Photo Galleries

You should use photo galleries for physical products, so online shoppers feel more comfortable making a purchase. If you sell services or don’t have online retail, you can also use photo galleries as a slideshow of “behind the scenes” collections from your company staff. Make sure to name and tag your photos with keywords related to your site for SEO purposes.


Marketers have used free e-book offers as a method of gathering emails for many years. This method not only provides you leads, it helps you gather information about your highest value customers. You’ll know which of your online leads are most interested and educated about your product or service and can create targeted campaigns for these consumers.

Interactive Product Demos

Software service companies have the advantage of being able to show their products online, getting users hooked before they can say no to the price. Product demos or free trials integrate your product into the consumer’s online toolkit, making much harder for them to say “no” when the demo or trial is over.

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