4 Jobs that didn’t exist 10 Years Ago..

The times, they are a’changin. Why, ten years ago in 2006, the iPhone hadn’t even hit the shelves – and today, we are living in a smartphone world! Most of the jobs that exist today that did not exist ten years ago can be found in the tech space, but that space can vary from computing to healthcare to the travel industry! Below, find a few of the jobs that young college graduates – and aspiring adults who are seeking a new career path – are interested in today.

App Developer

Before phones became smart, miniature computers that we carry around in our pockets, developers stuck mostly to web pages. Today, most web pages and many products and companies have apps, or web applications, which can be downloaded to smartphones, tablets, and even desktop computers. Apps can range from fully functional, like a weather application, to completely frivolous, like a mini version of a video game.

Social Media Manager

In the early days of 2006, Twitter was a slowly growing community and Facebook had not yet incorporated a news feed.  But since that time, both platforms, along with countless others such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, have become huge venues for brands, celebrities, and myriad other account owners to develop large following, learn how to prioritize the timing of their posts, and spread the message of their choosing. Because social media accounts can take up so much time and require some thought and analysis before sharing, the position of social media manager exists. This position allows for messages to be relevant and timely and ideally avoids the bad press that an ill-timed tweet or off-color joke can attract.

SEO writer

Back in the early to mid-2000’s, writers were hired to create website content and write blog posts or articles – something that was just beginning to be seen as a trend. Theses days, there are articles and blog posts already online, covering just about any topic under the sun! To help distinguish a website or business as an expert in a certain field, and to achieve higher search engine result ranking, many businesses and companies employ SEO, or search engine optimization, specialists. An SEO writer will spend time adding backlinks to pages, and trying to get reputable pages to link back to the site he or she is writing for. If successful, search engine crawlers will then “rank” the page near the top of Google or other search engine results. Think about it – when was the last time that you went to page 2 of a search to find the answer to your query?

Cloud services and support

In the modern era, anything that you write or photograph with a phone, tablet or connected device is never truly “lost,” even if you think you have deleted it. Many times, the information, photos, and files are stored in “the cloud,” digitally and wirelessly backed up to a sharing service you may vaguely remember signing up for. The cloud comes in handy, though, when you drop your phone in water or find yourself wishing you hadn’t deleted a certain file from your computer. Cloud services backup precious photos and videos, music, and files and data, allowing for peace of mind. Of course, cloud storage technology is not without its own set of problems, and that is where a Cloud Services Specialist comes in handy. Knowing how to retrieve your data is just one small part of this role; most of the day-to-day activity for this position involves managing the devices and technologies, ever-evolving, that use cloud computing on a daily basis.

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