5 Blogs Everyone in Marketing Should Follow

A marketing blog is a lot like a favorite entrée at a popular restaurant: everybody has one, and they’re all good, but for different reasons. Here, we have collected five of the top blogs that everyone in marketing should follow, but this is by no means a comprehensive list – share your favorite marketing blogs, or the blogs that you think every marketer should follow, in the comments!

Our picks for five blogs that everyone in marketing should follow can be boiled down to two things: solid communication and quality content. Whether you are seeking a trusted resource for learning about industry trends, for attempting to do some research for your next marketing project, these blogs will likely offer some trustworthy conversations on the subject.

Business Insider

Business Insider might not be most people’s first go-to for a marketing blog, but one quick search for “marketing” on the fast-growing news site will yield over 222,000 results. The Business Insider blog (or news site, depending on what you prefer to call it) has commanded our attention because of the types of articles they provide. Catch-up on easily absorbed listicles highlighting top trends; reD though attention-grabbing headlines; and, most importantly, get accurate information from the articles themselves, usually containing quotes from industry experts (which is something that other blogs don’t always have the clout to get).


The reigning champ of marketing blogs, HubSpot is a go-to resource for any serious marketer. Even if you don’t follow the blog devoutly, or read every article, having a general idea of what is making headlines at HubSpot will go a long way toward ensuring that you are staying on top of the trends in the marketing world. One thing that makes HubSpot stand out as a tech hub is a long standing in the tech community: the blog was founded as a resource for internet marketers way back in the pre-smartphone world of 2006 – lifetimes before marketing became as technology-driven as it is today.

Seth Godin

What started out as a successful marketer and businessman’s personal blog has become somewhat of a resource for a certain segment of the internet, blog, and marketing communities alike. Seth Godin is an author, speaker, and general technophile who developed his marketing blog alongside his business ventures as it gained massive popularity. An entrepreneur who has published several books on marketing, Godin is a great example of an innovative, modern marketer. This blog is a go-to place to see what an alternative take on marketing might be. Visit for the fresh perspective – stay for the comments from other industry experts, who often interact with the author via social media.


Hear us out on this one! We know that medium is not your traditional resource for hearing from industry professionals – but the fact is, traditional sources aren’t always the best place to get an idea of what consumers really want, or what industry experts are really thinking. medium, with its open source sharing platform, provides both the consumer and the marketer with an open space to blog. Articles that get no likes or comments will likely pass by your radar, but those that are creating waves on medium should not escape the eye of a modern marketer. As a marketer, this might be a blog that you want to pay attention to.

Social Media Examiner

Billed as “the world’s largest social media resource,” the social media Examiner combines peer-reviewed blog posts and white papers with posts from the platform’s own in-house marketing team. Social media examiner has branched out to include a podcast, a talk show, and a marketing networking event, but the blog’s credibility is mostly due to the fact that it continues to be a resource amongst marketing experts. The Social Media Examiner site boasts over half 1 million registered users.

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