Discovery Questionnaire

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  • Please answer the following marketing and lead generation questions accurately and honestly to allow us to determine your individual needs:

  • Okay so roughly X hours a day, X hours a week..which is roughly X hours a month – does that sound about right?
  • Okay.. so is this just something that you LOVE doing.. Or are you just spending time on it because it’s directly correlated with the growth of your business / revenue ?
  • How did that go for you? //any reason you do not want to keep doing that?
  • Ok .. so about X in the past 2 months?
  • Okay, so about a X% closing ratio?
  • Is that what you want to be charging?
  • Ok…so is X your total revenue for the past 2 months? Or what’s your total revenue.
  • Ok, so you`re making X now – or do you have a combined income with a spouse?
  • So how do they feel about all this? (Where they’re at right now?)
  • Are they supportive of what you’re doing and what you’re bringing in?
  • And I ask this because I don’t want to just get you more leads and sales, I want to empower you to live whatever lifestyle you want to live and HELP make that possible for you.
  • But once we get your lead gen figured out, what’s the ultimate goal? (Positive) (Stay in Pos/Goals from here to Transition)
  • OR but If we don’t figure this out, and things keep going at the pace you have been, how much longer can you keep moving forward like this, at this kinda rate? (Negative)(After this, then bring to Positive/ Goals)
  • Once you get to that point – that you`re making X a month, whats next? Would you hire new staff to free up some of your time? Take some extra vacations? etc…
  • That’s awesome man – I love that, anything else?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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