Five Ways to Motivate Employees

Week in and week out, you pay your employees wages and provide them with a structured place of employment – but are they motivated to do a great job, or simply filling in the hours? It can sometimes be difficult to keep employees performing at their peak and satisfied with the work that they do. If you are concerned about the productivity of some of your employees, look at the core of the problem: are they motivated to do their work?

Try using our five ways to motivate employees the next time you fear your workers are in a rut:

  1. Offer a potential for growth.

Some employees are only in to clock in and clock out, but most employees are searching for a real career. If your employees feel that they are in a dead-end job with no room for growth, they are not going to be motivated to work hard for your company. Offer your employees potential for growth to new positions, or at least pay raises within their same positions. Employees will be more motivated if they know that they will not be working the same job, at the same pay point, in 10 years.

  1. Give your employees responsibilities on par with their skill sets.

When it comes to making sure that your employees are working hard, one surefire way to motivate employees is to ensure that they feel a sense of personal responsibility for the work that they do. Employees aren’t motivated by filling coffee or making copies – they are motivated by having responsibilities that mean using their skill sets. You hired your employees now trust them to do the complex work they’re capable of.

  1. Have an open door policy for constructive criticism and complaints.

No boss wants to invite employees to complain without reason, but allowing your employees to have a forum to voice criticism can be very valuable in helping to motivate them. If they feel that they are heard, they will respect you and work harder for you.

  1. Offer bonuses or rewards for a job well done.

You don’t have to go over the top with a bonus, but if an employee does something exceptionally well, take the time to recognize them with a reward. Whether it’s a company meal out on your behalf or a bonus in their next paycheck, motivate your employees by letting them know that hard work does not go unnoticed by upper management.

  1. Hold monthly or bi-monthly roundtables that encourage employees to share their ideas with each other and superiors.

Allowing employees to express complaints is one step towards motivating them. Another is to gather all of your employees together with management and allow them to discuss the ways that their tasks could be more effective or the great ideas they have for growing the company or business. This isn’t a place for complaints – this is a place for your employees to feel validated in knowing that the company wants to hear their ideas. Help motivate your employees by giving them a sense of ownership over the work that they do. They may even surprise you with a good idea that motivates a change in company practices!

Try using our five tips for motivating employees, and see if that makes a difference at your next performance review.


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