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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yep. We won’t even hold it against you. Our services is month to month, so you’re never locked into anything. Rather than make it weird with a legal document, we’d like to keep you around by simply wowing you with our software performance. To cancel just log into your account and click “Cancel”.

Will There Be Fees Later On?

No. The only other fees will be your email, text or calls that are billed directly through Twilio and Mailgun. We give you $5 worth of these every month which is about 3000 emails, 700 texts, or 350 outbound phone calls. If you stay under that there are no additional charges.

What's Onboarding Like?

Our step-by-step onboarding system guides you through the entire process. Customer support is available via chat to answer questions directly. In addition, we offer live “office hours” 3x per week for you to get on Zoom with us to get help.

Do You Provide Support?

After you’ve been onboarded and feel familiar with the system, we have a complete library full of tools, tricks, and methods to keep you informed and educated. Let the software do the heavy lifting though. And if you get stuck, just reach out to live support or hop in the private Facebook community.

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