How to Push Down a Ripoff Report

Checking on your business’s search results and consistently providing positive alternatives to negative media is imperative for running a successful marketing campaign.  Everyone can expect to receive bad press, it’s just part of the game.

Ripoff Report is a scam reporting website that is highly optimized for search engines, meaning that their reports always show up high on a Google search. To push down a Ripoff Report –  or any URL – means to strengthen more positive web pages, so that they rank higher than negative ones, and ultimately, are seen by the consumer first.

The best online platforms for your business include your own website, your social media pages, and your pages on Yelp/other similar sites. Not coincidentally, these are also going to be the most important search results to strengthen (or create, if not already done so).

Other ways to occupy the rankings of your search results include creating business listings, sharing multimedia (youtube, vimeo) –  you could even attempt  organizing an online press release to be shared from a local news site.

The ranking of bad press in a search result can be extremely detrimental to businesses, so it is important to be aware of all alternatives. Fighting bad with good is a very trusted approach in the SEO field of online marketing, as well as the marketing field in general.


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