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How it Works

Many marketing agencies charge you an eye-watering monthly retainer and then insist they “need more time to deliver results” when nothing happens. Several months down the line, you’re 6-figures poorer than you were and have nothing to show for it.  Alphaleads adopts a performance-based approach. Celebrity us bodybuilder rich piana dies aged 46 after collapsing two weeks ago anavar side effects what it means to be a kid bodybuilder kid body builder There are no monthly retainers. No expensive outlays. We focus on capturing the best leads and improving your return on advertising spend (ROAS); you reap the benefits. It’s as simple as that.

Tap Into a Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Meta Ads generates over $100 billion in revenue, and it captures billions more in sales for its 3+ million users.

What's Your Share?

There’s clearly a lot of potential in this global network, but for the majority of those users, the return is minimal and disappointing—barely enough to justify the cost.

That’s where Alphaleads comes in.

We know how Meta works. We know which strategies are effective and can utilize them to maximize ROI and ensure you’re getting your fair share.

Our Step-By-Step Process to Helping you Grow Your Revenue.

We make our process as simple and forward as possible so you understand how your business is going to grow with us.

Tell us what you sell

We’ll help you take your services and create an offer that will get your market to sign-up without sacrificing profits. These offers are around $2.5k – $60k range depending on your business.

We launch your Marketing.

We use our Alphaleads marketing method using hyper-organic and paid strategies to get sales leads in the door quickly. We focus primarily on direct-response to build familiarity with your leads.

We give you data and automations.

Automation processes are absolutely essential to helping your business streamline sales. Your leads will be sent to your CRM and immediately followed up on to ensure the highest closing percentages.

You get WARM qualified LEADS.

Your calendar will be booked with appts so all you have to do is walk them through your process and get the sale! (Unless you want us to do that for you) It’s that simple.

Who we work best with

While we wish we could work with just about any company that applies to work with us,

Here’s what we look for in potential partners:

– You already own a High-Ticket Business or you want to start one.

– You have the capacity to take on at minimum 10-30 new clients every month. 

– You’re open to learning and applying proven strategies.

– You hold all the assets (or can get access) to your Facebook (Meta) business account and Google Business accounts.

– You’re serious about growth and you want a long-lasting partnership, not a vendor or just another agency.

Alphaleads Is The Secret To Your Online Success

It’s the difference between the BILLIONS of websites that don’t make money and those that do!

Without Alphaleads

With Alphaleads

Struggling To Get A Constant Flow Of Customers?

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No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

A Tailored Solution for Your Business

The Alphaleads approach is best suited to high-ticket businesses seeking rapid and large-scale growth. Our clients typically meet the following criteria:

If this sounds like you, get in touch today!

Lead Generation—Scaling Your Business to 9 Figures and Beyond

Lead generation is the lifeblood of every business. It doesn’t matter how good your services are—if you can’t convert, you won’t succeed.

But it’s something that many brands struggle with. They know how to keep customers happy. They know how to make a good product or offer a good service. But turning video views and social engagements into meaningful revenue is often out of reach.

Lead generation is simple when you know how. And we definitely know how.

Real Results

With Alphaleads, you’ll get real results every time. We take businesses from zero to maximum capacity, all with minimum risk.

Big Ticket Success

We specialize in generating leads for big-ticket businesses and converting at scale, with numerous 7, 8, and 9-figure brands on our portfolio.

Acquire, Ascend, Resell

Churn is the silent assassin destroying businesses around the world. We’ve found that if you can WOW a client in their first 90 days, your LTV (Life Time Value) will double. Implement our 90 Day client journey framework today and 2X your LTV.

Attract Your Perfect Customer

What does your perfect customer look like?

If you’re an entrepreneur offering life coaching services, it may be someone young, ambitious, and willing; someone who is ready to invest their trust and money in return for a long-term subscription.

It might be someone who returns every week to buy more products or a business owner looking for a new supplier.

Whatever that “ideal” customer looks like, you need them to grow your business. But finding that customer and discovering the best way to attract them is difficult and time-consuming. It requires a considered and tailored approach, one that incorporates ongoing optimization to account for changing trends, demands, and market conditions.

It’s a complex process, and it requires a professional and highly specialized approach.

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So, Here's My Offer…

Invest in me once. No recurring fee...

I’ll share all the strategies and proven methodologies we’ve used to scale our niche lead gen service, LeadLion, to a monthly revenue of $162,762.

You’ll also have access to my 7-figure Marketing Director & Traffic Specialist to guide you through the intricacies of ads/funnels/traffic, ensuring a constant influx of clients (we’ve been at this for 9 years).

I’ll even throw in coaching from my top high-ticket sales specialist, who has single-handedly closed over $10M in deals. He will coach you and your team to perfection, turning selling into an effortless process.

Our two multi-7-figure operators who have scaled our business to over 1000 active clients will help you expand your team & establish SOPs.

Naturally, you’ll have me in your corner, ready to help you maximize profits and overcome any obstacles standing between you and your goals.

To sweeten the deal, I offer you not one, but TWO assurances:


As long as you're generating over $5000/month, I promise to provide free coaching indefinitely.


Provided you're scheduling appointments: face-to-face, on Zoom, via phone, or for home services...I guarantee our model will work in your specific niche.

If this sounds like an enticing offer, apply below...


More Revenue.
BIGGER Business.

1. Custom Offer Creation

Building the perfect offer for you!

2. Lead Lion AD Creation​​

Bring your offer and brand to life.​

3. Paid Ad Distribution

Target ideal leads and initiate engagement via lead forms.​

4. Sales Systems & Process​​

Automated follow up system & sales process support.

5. 1 On 1 Coaching​​

Keep you going, growing and closing!

Lead Generation

More Clients. More Business.

1. Custom Offer Creation

Building the perfect offer for you!

2. Lead Lion AD Creation​​

Bring your offer and brand to life.​

3. Paid Ad Creation​​

Target ideal leads and initiate engagement via lead forms.​

4. Sales Systems & Process​​

Automated follow up system & sales process support.

5. 1 On 1 Coaching​​

Keep you going, growing and closing!



1st Month

Ramping Up

Custom Offer Creation

Custom Ad Creation

Ad Distribution

Identify Strongest Formula

Leads In 2 Weeks

New Clients

2nd & 3rd Month

The Magic Happens

Marketing & Distribution Is Dialed

80+ Leads A Month

High Quality Leads

Calendar Is Full

Closing At A Higher Rate

Money In The Bank

4th Month

Scaling Up

Hitting & Exceeding Your Goals

Closing At 50%

Strategize Growth Opportunities

Reinvest And Scale

Pay Yourself Back!

We've Helped Countless Coaches and Consultants Grow Their Business


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Flexible pricing options. Either go with our 16 Week OR if you're ready the 5 month.

Program #1 is our most popular, it’s for Trainers and Coaches that have trouble getting clients.

Program #2 is for people that have a steady lead flow but want to increase conversions and take their business to the next level!

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


Alpha Leads is one of the very few pay-per-performance marketing teams. 

We focus on boosting new sales by bringing new leads and systems that nurture them to bring more clients to your business that pay at least $2.5-25k and up.

No expensive monthly marketing retainers, we only get paid for the results we bring you. 

We generate new leads for your business and use automations to book them in for service. 

In short, we figured out the 80/20 rule on healthy digital marketing by using a combination of hyper-organic methods and paid advertising. 

By using both, we are able to get you fresh clients quickly with paid ads while we build an organic stream of leads that all come through organic search. 

We have a 3 step process to getting you more leads – 

1- We use the power of the written word to create a customer offer for your business. 

2- We launch a a FB/IG Ad Campaign with your custom offer.

3- Then finally, we put in automations to collect, nurture, book leads in for service.

We have a one-time setup fee that includes the development of your marketing systems and setting up new ads.

We guarantee you get the results you are looking for or you get all your money back.

After you get started with us, you’ll fill out our client onboarding form that gives us all the information we need to start launching ads for your service. 

Once your campaign is launched, we’ll send you leads directly to your phone/ email / CRM. You’ll only need to schedule them in for service. 

You will start to see leads come in on Day 1 of your campaign being live and expect your first client in the first 7 Days.

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Struggling To Get A Constant Flow Of Customers?

Then Sign Up For Alphaleads Today!

No Contracts • Cancel Anytime

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