Linkbuilding for Online Reputation Management

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For both enterprise reputation management and reputation management for individuals, backlinking is at the very core of controlling your brands online reputation management. Search engines see backlinks as a vote of confidence for a particular website and webpage. The more relevant and quality backlinks a webpage has, the more likely it is to rank highly in search engines. This algorithmic ranking system is know as PageRank, which was named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page.

Due to the nature of the PageRank algorithm, many web 2.0’s are in a better position to rank highly than newly created websites. This is the reason why a Twitter page will often rank highly for a company or individuals name after only a few weeks. Even with zero backlinks, the new page will rank highly due to the number of backlinks pointing at

When a brand chooses to take control of their online reputation, they should not expect to achieve their goal strictly through the management of web 2.0’s. Search engines like to show a diverse collection of search results so the creation of microsites will be required in most cases. This is where backlinking can become a challenge for companies choosing to manage their own reputation. To improve the rankings of your brands microsites, earning backlinks will be an important factor.

Link Building for reputation management should be taken with much caution. There are many ways that backlinking can backfire and cause more harm for your brand than good. Google knows which links are designed for reputation management and which links are natural. If backlinks are algorithmically determined to be natural, your backlinks will count and help improve your online reputation. If your backlinks are determined to be unnatural, then the links will be discounted or in some cases, trigger an algorithmic penalty on the domain.

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