Online Crisis Prevention for Businesses

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Online Crisis Prevention for Businesses

In this day and age, it is necessary to take control of all your owned, shared and earned assets online. Creating, publishing and promoting positive content is the only way to make sure that you are in control of your company’s online reputation. If you do not take proactive steps, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to online defamation.

What Types of Businesses Need Online Crisis Prevention?

All businesses are vulnerable to online defamation. Even if you do not have a website, social media pages, or business listings, websites like Yelp, Ripoff Report, Complaints List, and other aggregators make it possible for anyone to post negative reviews that will show up when people search for you online. We strongly suggest that all businesses take proactive action to maintain a positive reputation online. However, there are certain industries that, due to their nature, are more likely to induce crises, for example:

  • Law
  • Financial Advice
  • Debt Collectors
  • Real Estate
  • Politics
  • Hotels/Restaurants/Service Industry
  • Health Care
  • Construction/Home Repair

Our Crisis Prevention Strategy for Businesses

1. Online Crisis Vulnerability Audit
All of your online assets will be audited by our Online Crisis Experts. These will be analyzed, and any areas of the web that you do not appear on will be marked in our report. We will also perform a competitive analysis in order to understand how leaders in the same industry have protected themselves or left their reputation vulnerable.

2. Social Profile Creation
By creating profiles on all social media platforms, we guarantee that we are in control of your online reputation. By creating verified accounts, we prevent others from creating false accounts, as well as enable ourselves to respond to any negative/slanderous online posts. Most importantly, by focusing our efforts on the most popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. we have several platforms to publish positive content that will rank highly in search engines.

3. Asset Optimization
At the same time, our SEO and ORM specialists will be optimizing all of your owned and shared assets so that all of our content has the highest possible chance of ranking highly in the SERPs.

4. Content Strategy
Our Content Production Team will also be creating a detailed plan that outlines our initial content strategy. This will be based on keywords that people are searching for that are associated with your business name and industry, as well as any potential negative ORM keywords.

5. Content Production
As soon as our plan is approved, our team of content strategists, writers, and designers will begin to create all of the articles, blogs, images, videos, and other types of content that will be published and promoted all across the web.

6. Content Publication, Distribution and Promotion
It will take approximately one month for the first batch of content to be created, edited, approved and published. After that, your campaign will never stop. We are consistently publishing, sharing and promoting all of the content that we create so that wherever people are searching for or finding you online, it will be your voice that is heard.

7. Weekly Reporting/Analysis
From the moment we begin our audit we are tracking everything that has anything to do with your business online. From branded searches to industry news we are constantly reviewing and analyzing your campaign to make sure that you become and stay one of the leaders in your industry.

How long does Online Crisis Prevention Take?

Crisis prevention is an ongoing process. In order to maintain a positive online reputation, consistent work needs to be done in order to make sure your online assets are up to date and indexed properly by Google. This should be a part of all business’s marketing strategy.

Free Audit & Consultation

If you are interested in our Online Crisis Prevention services, or just curious to see where your business stands online, please contact us today for a completely free audit and consultation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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