Personal Online Crisis Prevention

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Personal Online Crisis Prevention

The best way to make sure you never find yourself in the middle of an online crisis is to take control of all of your owned and shared assets online, and start to get your content published and shared by authoritative figures in your industry. Taking control of of your SERPs, in the web, news, images and videos sections, puts you in control of your online reputation.

Who Needs Personal Online Crisis Prevention?

Anyone who has a reputation that they believe is worth protecting should have some sort of online crisis prevention plan or strategy. Business owners, freelancers and anyone who conducts or solicits business online should be constantly building their online assets in order to safeguard their reputation. Some industries that tend to see more online crisis than others are:

  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Law
  • Politics
  • Health Care

Our Personal Online Crisis Prevention Strategy

1. Online Crisis Vulnerability Audit
Our Online Crisis Experts will perform and audit of all of your current online assets and also mark any areas of the web that you do not have a presence. A competitive analysis will show other how leaders in your industry have enhanced their reputation and how people have lost reputation  The analysis of this report is the starting point for our campaign strategy.

2. Social Profile Creation
In order to take control of your reputation we create a profile you on every single platform that has a possibility of ranking in the SERPs. We focus our efforts on the most popular sites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. because they have the highest chance of ranking, but we go above and beyond and make sure that your name, information and website is in every corner of the internet, on profiles that YOU control. This prevents others from being able to create false profiles and gives us the ability to publish positive content all across the web.

3. Asset Optimization
While we are creating social profiles around the web, we also will be optimizing all of your owned and shared assets, using standard SEO practices as well as our industry specific ORM tactics. This is to make sure that as soon as your content has been produced we have several channels to publish and distribute across.

4. Content Strategy
While our team is creating profiles and optimizing assets, our Content Production Team will be putting together a Content Index that details our initial content strategy based on keywords associated with your name and industry as well as potential negative ORM keywords.

5. Content Production
As soon as you approve our strategy we begin creating content. Our team of content strategists, writers and designers begin producing all of the articles, images, videos and other types of content that will promote you across the web.

6. Content Publication, Distribution and Promotion
After the first month of production, your campaign never stops. We are constantly publishing, sharing and promoting your positive content to create and enhance your personal brand and put you in the top tier of your industry. If necessary we will also reach out to other industry leaders to collaborate and use our reputations for mutual benefits.

7. Weekly Reporting/Analysis
We are careful to track and analyze everything we post in order to see what is performing well in your campaigns and where we can improve our strategy. This allows us to update your content index in real time to reach and stay at the top along with the other leaders in your industry.

How long does Personal Online Crisis Prevention Take?

Personal Crisis Prevention is an ongoing process. The length of your campaign depends on your industry, the vulnerabilities inherent in your career, and other potential factors. Rather than creating cookie-cutter packages that have little to no effect, we would rather take a look into your personal situation before providing you with a timeline.

Free Audit & Consultation

If you are interested in our Online Crisis Prevention services, please feel free to contact us any time. We would be happy to provide you with a free audit and consultation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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