Six Attributes of the Best Employees

There are certain red flags that should raise the eyes of any employer: repeated tardiness, a disheveled appearance, a bad attitude, or unfavorable feedback from the client – just to name a few.

But what about the traits that make an employee stand out?

Here are six attributes of the best employees:

  1. They make a habit of being punctual.

The best employees show up a few minutes ahead of their start time to organize their workspaces and prepare for the day. The best employees also make a habit of staying until their work for the day has been completed. While occasional exceptions may occur, the best employees are punctual, which means they can be relied on.

  1. They focus on solutions, not problems.

It’s easy for an employee to throw out roadblocks and discuss the problems that surround a particular case or project. The best employees, however, will continue to have an optimistic perspective, thinking outside the box and generating fresh ideas by focusing on solutions, and not on the problems. Focusing on solutions makes certain employees stand out because they may generate the confidence or energy needed to complete the task.

  1. They engage in additional training or further education.

The best employees are those who are motivated to stay on top in their career fields. Whether it’s going back to school for a degree, or enrolling in an online course, the best employees seek out ways to stay sharp and maintain the most current skill sets. This makes them valuable to you, and even more valuable to your competitors. keep them happy by offering opportunities for continuing education, and the best employees will continue to exceed your performance expectations!

  1. They respect their peers and management.

The best employees are those who bring a healthy dose of respect to the table. Whether it’s listening to other’s ideas on a conference call, or maintaining a level of professionalism with their direct bosses, the best employees know how to develop and maintain a friendly relationship while showing respect to their coworkers, superiors, and clients.

  1. They’re not afraid of failure.

The best employees are those who don’t hold back when it comes to seeking solutions for a client, or trying something new. Those who are afraid of failure may not take the necessary steps to make a breakthrough or really impress a customer, but those who are not afraid of failure will continue to surprise and stimulate both your clients and their coworkers.

  1. They keep the client happy.

The best employee understands that without your customers, your company is less successful. Even if they disagree with a specific project or product, the best employee knows how to keep a client happy and take their concerns or complaints through the proper channels of communication without compromising the client/vendor relationship.

Whether it’s maintaining respect for their peers, or continuing to learn about their craft, these are just some of the traits that the best employees retain. Look for them on your next employee interview to fill your company with the best workers that your career field has to offer!


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