Six Steps for Researching Employers Before an Interview

For candidates currently on the job market, knowing how to select the right employer to apply to can be crucial. You don’t want to waste your hard-earned talents or passion in a dead-end career; nor do you want to spend your energy in a work space whose cultures you don’t value or whose work you don’t believe in.

Here are five steps for researching employers before an interview:

1. Determine the criteria that you’re looking for.

Whatever field you are hoping to work in, the best way to research the company effectively is to search for the criteria that mean the most to you. Spend some time prior to your interview honing in on what you are specifically looking for in a job and an employer. Try to find companies in your research that exemplify those traits.

2. Find out if there is a potential for growth.

If you’re really serious about moving and shaking in your career field, shoot high and try to find employers that offer the potential for growth. If former employees who have had your potential role have moved on in positive ways, connect with them, if you can, and try to get them to share their experiences. Knowing that your employer either has room for growth, or connections to help you make a bigger move somewhere down the line, can be a boost in sealing the deal for this position.

3. Spend some time on their website and social media accounts.

When it comes to determining if an employer is right for you, the tone and vibe of their website, as well as their social media accounts, is the best way to get an idea of what they are all about before you step foot in the door for your interview.

Do you like the message they’re spreading? If not, it may be time to move on. If so, make sure you got the perfect outfit selected for the momentous occasion.

4. Spend some time on search engines.

Search for the name of the company you are looking to apply at, as well as some of the top leaders in the organization. Look for news articles or links pertaining to the company. Press may give you an outsider’s perspective on what the company is all about.

5. Check out their online reviews.

One step in determining if an employer is a bad egg is to check out their online reviews. If the people who once represented the employer have nothing nice to say, it may be possible that you will eventually have a sour taste in your mouth when it comes to this workplace. save yourself the trouble, and find someone whose reviews are glowing to medium. If anything seems fishy, check their Better Business Bureau standings.

6. Ask around.

Depending on the field, there may be industry professionals or peers that you can reach out to for an unbiased opinion on the company you’re about to apply with. Ask around and don’t be afraid to take the answers to heart; after all, most people don’t have anything to gain by just telling you the truth about their insights on the company.

By researching a company’s potential for growth, stance on issues important to you, and ability to meet your job criteria, you can take great strides toward determining which employer is right for you, before ever heading into an interview.

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