Social Media Crisis Management

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Personal Social Media Crisis Management

People use social media is used for a variety of purposes. Keeping up with friends, tracking artists, following brands, learning from industry leaders, and sharing insights are just a few of the incredible and positive things people can do. However, there is also a potential for people to use social media to attack, defame, and create controversy. We’ve all seen small versions of this, whether it’s an argument on Facebook that took over your feed, or conversations surrounding a controversial selfie on Instagram. Many of these messy situations arise on accident, so imagine the scale of the disaster if someone, or some group, targeted you with a social media attack. Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to these attacks and susceptible to a social media crisis, and often the platform that is hosting these attacks is too busy to do anything to prevent or clean them up. Luckily, there have been a number of these types of attacks, and we have been able to develop methods for dealing with them. You may need Social Media Crisis Management.

Who Needs Personal Social Media Crisis Prevention/Management?

Everyone should be aware of the dangers of social media before creating their profiles. While the benefits usually outweigh the risks, there are certain careers that have a much higher risk of being attacked on social media. Anyone in the following industries should have a social media crisis prevention plan:

  • Financial/Investment Careers
  • Real Estate Agents/Brokers/Landlords
  • Lawyers
  • Political Figures
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Construction/Home Repair

Our Personal Social Media Crisis Prevention/Management Strategy

Click here to view our Personal Social Media Crisis Prevention Strategy.
Each crisis we handle is completely unique, and our response depends on several factors including industry, the severity of the situation, where the attacks are coming from, etc. However, through our years of experience, we have developed a malleable strategy that ensures a complete analysis and proper response no matter what type of crisis you have on your hands:

1. Analysis and Audit
As soon as we are contacted about a crisis, our Crisis Management Specialists begin to research and analyze the situation. Even if the problem only appears on one platform, the problems may run deeper. It could be affecting your search engine result positions, whether it be in the web, image, news, or video section. There are also a number of online platforms and publications that are constantly searching for controversial subjects to promote in order to gain clicks. Our audit will show you where the problem started, your current situation, and what is likely to happen to your online reputation as a result.

2. Planning
While we are evaluating your crisis we will simultaneously begin to plan our strategy. In the world of social media, it is important to react quickly and effectively, so our specialists immediately begin to create a strategy that details the first steps that should be taken and outline the long-term goals of the campaign.

3. Reporting/Removal/Suppression
In certain cases, it is possible to get negative posts removed from social media platforms. However, you must be able to prove that they violate the platform’s Terms of Service. Platforms rarely remove user content that isn’t spam, libel, or hate speech. It is also possible to contact Google and try to have them remove the results from search engine listings, but again, they have very broad Terms of Service and rarely will do this. In this case, we are left with two options: engaging with the poster or suppressing their negative content. How we respond will depend on our audit, your goals, and a number of other factors. We will lay out all of your options and counsel you through each one so that together we can make an informed response that aligns with your objectives.

4. Positive Content Production and Distribution
Whether we choose to engage or suppress, we will create an arsenal of positive content that we will be distributed on a number of platforms in order to isolate the problem and improve your reputation all over the web. Our Content Strategists and Writers will work closely with you in order to create positive, accurate content that communicates your image and story.

5. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reporting, Analysis, and Adjusting
From the moment we begin analyzing your case we track your case’s progress. We track every URL in your SERPs so that we know what people are searching for in real-time. We provide you easy to understand reports and will adjust our strategy in real-time in order to get ahead of your crisis.

How long does Social Media Crisis Management Take?

The length of our crisis management campaigns depends on a number of factors including the severity of the situation, industry, the number of assets you already have online, and their authority levels. In order to give you an honest and accurate estimation, we need to take a look at your case first.

Free Audit & Consultation

If you are in need of social media crisis management or prevention, please contact us today. We will be glad to provide a free audit and consultation in order to help you determine your next steps.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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