Three Tips for Creating a Strong Personal Brand

Not so long ago, businesses relied on word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers or paid advertising opportunities on TV, radio, and in print to sell customers on their offerings and to develop a loyal clientele base. Today, social media and Internet marketing have made it almost impossible to rely on traditional methods of communication for spreading the word about your business.

Whether you run a small startup, own a growing business, or consider yourself to be your business, here are three tips for creating a strong personal brand:

  1. Understand the value in creating a strong personal brand.

For social media “Instagram celebrities” and younger audiences, having a personal brand goes without saying. Any business that can connect with customers by having a recognizable look and feel is going to do well in today’s marketplace. Just think Skittles or Geico. By denying the value of a personal brand, you are setting yourself up for failure. understand how a clear personal brand can benefit you and your business as the first step in getting started with developing your personal brand.

  1. Determine what your message should be.

Having a strong personal brand is definitely a stepping stone toward achieving your business goals – and knowing what your personal brand is all about is crucial for developing a strong plan. Your personal brand should tell a story of who you are, and why you have value. Decide on your ideal branding, and know exactly what you want that story to be.

  1. Share your message effectively and with the right partners.

Now that you know what your personal brand is all about, figure out the ways that you want to share it with the world. Whether it’s Instagram stories, blog posts, in-person events, or a variety of the above, determine how your story is going to be introduced to the world. you only get one chance at a first impression – make sure that the first impression of your personal brand strikes just the right note.

Plan out your posts, and know what topics you are going to discuss. Do research to figure out what products or people to mention alongside your own brand, which may help customers to associate you or your business with your desired branding. By asking other brands, products, or people to partner with you, you can also establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field.

By understanding the value of the personal brand, doing some research and figuring out what you want your personal brand to be, and introducing your brand with the right story and partners, you should be able to create a strong personal brand in no time!

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