What is Shareable Content?

Sharable content is the type of content you are looking to achieve if you’re engaging in online digital marketing. If your content transcends viewable to sharable, then your audience will share it with their followers, friends, and family – making your company name, and company message spread across the internet. Your content may even go viral.

There are different types of content that have the potential to be shared.

Videos: Videos are often shared on the internet if they’re short and sweet. Audiences have no patience for long videos most of the time. Think about it – when was the last time you sat through an entire 10 minute video when browsing Facebook? Even recipe videos tend to clock in at 2-5 minutes.

Memes: Memes are some of the most shareable bits of content on the planet. They’re everywhere, and people love to share them again and again. The problem is that it can be difficult to make your ad content into a meme and make it look organic. It’s best not to push it – just managing to get your name into a meme that gets passed around is a win.

Articles: Articles are content that requires some time and energy to consume, but people will do it if it’s interesting. This kind of content is great for making your audience passionate about something. Get creative – what does your brand stand for? What vision do you want your audience to get in on? There is definitely a way to get people passionate about what you’re passionate about. Articles can also be the most challenging content – to really engage people, you have to do your research and make the content useful.

Pictures: Pictures are quick and easy to produce, but they will only be shared if they evoke surprise or humor from the viewer. For example, if you have an announcement about an exciting new product, putting that information in a shareable picture will make people more likely to share it with others.

Sharable content is provocative or entertaining or both. Something that gets people excited enough to share that excitement with others. Find the fun and fascination in what you do – and put it into something concise and consumable. Get creative, and you will be able to pass your passion for your product onto others.

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