What to do When Your Reputation is Ruined

Get Back Up

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Accept that your name needs some good old fashioned PR, and move on to the first step of change. The good news is that your reputation, especially your online reputation, is extremely manageable.

Pinpoint the Problems that Need Fixing

Does your business have bad reviews? You might want your business to appear better on review sites. Is your personal life interfering with your businesses’ search results? You might want to push down a search result or take action to get rid of it.

Implement Change

Experts in SEO (search engine optimization) and ORM (online reputation management) have mastered the art of creating, improving, and upholding online identities, regarding single persons as well as massive organizations. Creating social profiles, strengthening website structures, and funding advertisements are just a few ways to improve or repair an online reputation.

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